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Sweets for Your Sweet…


Remember passing out candy & treats along with your Valentines back in the day?  Instead of just a box of chocolates (although there is nothing wrong with that), why not make something sweet for those you love this weekend…

Here is a little inspiration:

{V-Day Cupcakes in a Jar}


{Chocolate Covered Pretzels}

{V-Day Rice Krispies}

{Conversation Heart Cookies}


…Yum, I think I’ll bake those cookies for my friends (who are my sweets this V-Day)!!

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Literature Snippet…


“They wanted to speak, but could not; tears stood in their eyes. They were both pale and thin; but those sick pale faces were bright with the dawn of a new future, of a full resurrection into a new life. They were renewed by love; the heart of each held infinite sources of life for the heart of the other.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

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